2015 – A change in circumstance

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Before I begin talking about what 2015 has looked like for me, I want to thank all of the lovely people who have walked through this year with me. Particularly my beautiful family, who challenge me and love me daily.

I became a teacher in 2015, although officially that occurred the year before. It was 2015 that I got to put my degree into practice and was let loose with senior primary at two amazing local schools. I will never forget this first year and am extremely thankful to the students from both classes, the teaching staff who guided me, and to both Principals for their support of my ideas and teaching. The great training and professional development I received, and the chance to complete the VIT learning project enabled me to move beyond provisional, and become a fully fledged teacher.

I’m looking forward to 2016 as a chance to both have my own class for an entire year, as well as dabble in the how to of other schools with some CRT on my two non-official working days.

Entertainment was mixed in 2015. I’ve been to see Brooke Fraser, Pseudo Echo, OneD and 5SOS. I saw Mother & Son with Marco, & we took the girls to see Lion King and, of course, Gold Class viewing of the newest Star Wars movie.

We went on our first family holiday (not just visiting people) since 2008 to not so sunny Surfers Paradise – theme parks, beaches and hinterland – thanks to earning money again.

In looking back, I spent a lot of time in my head this year, planning, learning, working things out. Life was a little bit hectic a lot of the time, but mostly mentally, not much tangible evidence to show, apart from a new registration card and a class of students ready to move up to the next grade. To those of you I haven’t been great at keeping up with, my apologies. Call me, let’s catch up! To those of you I have spent time with, thank you for making me sane in the times when my brain may have exploded, and thank you for sharing your wine, chocolate, time etc.

Next year, 2016, will look a little different again, hopefully with a little more head space for other things, and a better fluidity in classroom work. Less bringing work to home and an ability to divide my headspace into rightful proportions that give my family more of me. I aim to pull into line the balance of physical, mental, spiritual once more, like improving my running and eating habits again.

Stay true, don’t be judgemental, love God, put in 100%, think the best of everyone and be the best I can be to everyone – not false, but honest. No change in my philosophy, just an upgrade :D.

Love to you all!



Does everyone feel this way?

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The year is almost done (well the uni year anyway) and I’m nearer the end with each day. I love the thought that I am going to work with real students in the not too distant future.

Its this ridiculous anxiety over getting a teaching position. Its way bigger than the anxiety I feel for the final assessment tasks yet to be done. Does everyone feel the same at this end of a degree?

It all started when I went to “meet the Principals”. I knew some were recruiting, not in my region, however that’s when the sweating started. Later that night I found a job online. Until I wrote the selection criteria and submitted the application the sweating didn’t stop, three days later. Does everyone feel the same when they apply for work in a new field?

I have another conference thing next week about looking for work. Never have I been so informed about what I should put in a job application, how to find evidence to support my application, how to write selection criteria, and what to expect in an interview. Its wonderful having such great knowledge to help me on this road. Strangely, I’m reluctant to go. I know that as soon as I step in the door at Abbotsford the sweating will start all over again. Does everyone feel this way?


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There is a general anxiety I find exhibited in conversations with people who do not run. The conversation often goes something like this:

Me: “I ran today.”

Non-runner: “You run? Good on you. I can’t run. I go to the gym, but I can’t run”

Me: “I didn’t run until a couple of years ago” (I’m 43 now)

Non-runner (with scared expression now exhibited): “Really?! No, no, I can’t run.”

For all those with the misconception that they can’t run, the hardest part about running is not the running, its actually putting on your runners and getting out the door. After the first kilometre, its simply the rhythm of one foot in front of the other, getting to the next telegraph pole, the next street sign, the next road.

The reason I love running is that when I’m really into it, when its just me and my shoes out there, my brain is free to shed the weight of the day and the anxiety of tomorrow. I love running in the rain, it makes me feel like a kid again: I know I’m going to be cold, but I also know how good that hot shower will feel when I get back home. I love running because the endorphin dose makes me much nicer to live with. I love running because that piece of cake will not stay on my hips, well, not for long anyway.

I want to say thank you to the man I run past as you walk your dog every Saturday morning and who I happened to meet out of context. “Oh, you’re the runner.” I was named, and I liked it.

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Betwixt and between

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A funny semester this one, nine weeks of core work, a few hefty assignments, weeks of practical experience, then exams at the end. I’m in the middle of it all, having just handed in the assignments, and now have a few moments to gather my thoughts, do a little housework and then into full-time prac for the next little while. It feels like it should be the end of something, but really its only mid-way through.

I read a lovely blog today regarding metaphor and life’s many ways of putting the perfect illustration right in front of your face. Sometimes you get it at the time, sometimes someone else mentions the obvious and other times the moment passes by without recognition.

This moment feels like it should be a metaphor for something, but I’m not sure of what. That’s ok, I will rest in this precious time I have, ready to throw myself into the activity next week. The thought may come to me, or it may not, it simply doesn’t matter.

I should be studying…

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Procrastinating is like a friendly little fuzzy thing. It takes you to all sorts of places, makes you do things you should have done a long time ago and generally keeps you actively exploring alternatives to WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO BE DOING!

Really girl, get your head into gear NOW and study!


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It’s been a long while. I should blog again, but not this week, this week is ridiculous. You know how you work out your life and it should all work but it ends up all happening in one week. Ridiculous I tell you, ridiculous.